Rent-Nation is an equipment rental firm that has over thirteen years of experience in this business. During this time, the company simplified rental processes encouraging efficiency in the marketplace. Consequently, customers received their rented equipment quickly and inexpensively. GEN 8000 OMMO Rent-Nation has equipment sales as well. Here the some of the products that it sells.
    • The CV 2600 Pressure Washer: This washer is suitable for cleaning vehicles, driveways, and decks. There is no pressure build-up in it because it has an MI-T-M Pressure Relief Start System.
    • The CM 3000 0MMB Washer: This washer is suitable for cleaning siding, equipment, and patios. The pumps on it have a thermal relief valve to prevent overheating.
    • WP 2500 4MHB Washer: This washer is mostly for professional cleaners because it handles tough cleaning jobs. The pump on this washer has a thermal relief valve to prevent overheating
    • GEN 8000 OMMO: This generator has a low-oil shutdown engine with automatic idle control. It has an easy-to-access control panel in addition to a minimum noise rating.
    • Gen 2000 MMO: It has a low-oil shutdown engine with a recoiling start system. It also has an easy-access control panel protected by magnetic circuit breakers and GFCI-based receptacles.
    • Gen 2000 MMO: This generator has a low-oil shutdown engine, recoil start, and automatic idle control. However, it is smaller and more efficient than most conventional generators are.
Work Pro WP 2500 4MHB

The benefits of purchasing from Rent-Nation are as follows.

  • The prices are affordable making them ideal for businesses that are seeking to procure equipment at competitive rates.
  • Rent-Nation has a highly responsive support team that will handle any issues that may arise after your purchase the product.
  • The products are of the highest quality. Rent-Nation sources them from reputable entities to make sure that they match your standards.
You can reach this support team through email, phone, or your Rent-Nation account. Contact us today so that you can purchase your equipment while stocks last.

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